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Christopher Robin Review


It is without a doubt that Winnie-the-Pooh is one of the most favourite fictional characters of all time and I believe will bring much delight to see it ‘come alive’ into a live action format in this movie Christopher Robin (instead of the usual animation that we see in previous Pooh Bear movies).

Christopher Robin is now a grown man and has his own family. An avid workaholic, Christopher chose to spend his time working on a last-minute project thrust upon him rather than go to a family villa and have a holiday with his wife, Evelyn and daughter, Madeline. However, Christopher forgets to bring his work papers along when he heads to his company for a presentation. Consequently, Madeline, his precocious daughter ends up teaming up with characters like Pooh bear, Tigger, Rabbit and Eeyore to race from the countryside to the city, in a valiant attempt to deliver his papers to him on time. Through his interactions with Pooh bear, Christopher realises that family should be his foremost priority.

While the plot of ‘Christopher Robin’ doesn’t have a ‘wow’ factor, and may even seem banal to some, the movie was well executed and is an endearing piece that tugs the heartstrings. The central message served as a pertinent reminder about the timeless ideal of treasuring family and friends whilst living our busy lives. For instance, for undergraduates like us who are continuously entrapped in the time bind of studying while trying to allocate time to spend with their loved ones, this movie may help many to realise that doing ‘adult things’ such as studying and working are but only one dimension of our lives. Family and friends remain the most quintessential to us.

The overall verdict: Simple yet enlightening, Christopher Robin captures the very essence of what living is and it is a movie that everyone can learn something from. A decent movie suitable for the young or young at heart. Expect to be inundated with nostalgia while watching the film.

Credits: The Irish News

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