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Types of NUS Fashion

Credits: Unsplash

While there are no seasonal changes in Singapore, it doesn’t mean that we can’t dress to the nines and leech off the styles of New York and Paris Fashion Week! Dressing for school can definitely be a drag for some while some look forward to it. From super-tight shorts to formal wear, flashy dresses to cargo pants, we’ll try to cover the “fashion trends” around NUS.

Which category (or categories) do you fall into? Tell us more in the comments section.


1//The Shorts Lovers

High-waisted, tight-fitting denim shorts seems to be a favourite among NUS girls. These shorts start at or higher than the waist and cut up high on the legs too.

Many girls switch out their favourite pair of denim shorts daily – with a different shade of blue of course!

Fashion Advice:

Shorts is most loved around NUS for the simple fact that it is easy and looks great on most bodies! Peep that hourglass figure gal! Nonetheless, do try out different styles and cuts of shorts to find what fits you best. High-waisted shorts tend to compliment your waist and butt.. Don’t be afraid to rock ‘em curves!

Do however take note that there are strategies for wearing high-waisted shorts. Pair them with a cute crop top to look taller or tuck a graphic top into some mom shorts for that laid back soccer-mom vibe. Regardless, high-waisted shorts is a definite must (and one can also spot this trend ALL OVER the campus), and it is probably the most comfy too!

2//The Mini-dress Girl

The Mini-dress lover. Everyone knows that friend. The one who isn’t afraid to don bright colours and patterns in the form of cute summer dresses. Her choice in fashion – sunny and cheerful – reflects her sociable and lovable personality. You can definitely spot this girl flouncing about The Deck eagerly awaiting her bowl of Mala and mingling with her group of friends.

The mini-dress is an easy closet must-have too, as you wouldn’t trouble yourself with finding a top/bottom to match. Go casual with a pair of sneakers or bring out your girly feminine side with a pretty pair of heeled sandals. The best thing about wearing a mini-dress is that you will surely stand out among the crowd of NUS students rocking their orientation tees and denim shorts!

3//The Fashionista

Ah yes, the fashionista. The one who takes insanely long to get ready. She can be seen rocking a punk-chic style, a model off-duty look… You name it, you have it! God forbid she steps out of her house (or hall room) dressed in T-shirts, shorts and slipper! All jokes aside, we are secretly obsessed and jealous of her style and beauty.


Let’s all be real. Do guys in NUS actually have a style of dressing? *casually sips tea* They can be seen strutting around campus in their standard school shirts with a pair of pants, either from H&M or Uniqlo. Makes you think how many sets of those outfits they have on hand, don’t they? Props to them for being able to get to school wearing what they wear to bed, and still look fresh-faced as ever.

All in all, regardless of the many hype-beast trends that people love to follow, don’t be afraid to stand out in the crowd with your own unique style. After all, your fashion style is a physical embodiment of who you are.

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