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Top 5 Bars to Chill at in Singapore

Credit: Salt Magazine

Type ‘bars to visit in Singapore’ into Google and up pops a laundry list of fancy bars. Trust me, your wallet will let out a little cry. Since Singapore’s night scene largely caters to tourists and the central business district (CBD) crowd, this means most places are way out of our student budget. But if you are like me, where sobriety is not an option, then here’s a perfect list for you!

Top 5 bars to chill at in Singapore WITHOUT hurting your wallet:

Credit: Prince of Wales

1 // Prince of Wales

6 drinks for $36, need I say more? Apart from their low prices, this backpacker’s pub knows how to entertain its patrons. With two outlets, one at Boat Quay and one in Little India, you can choose which location to visit based on the night you want! If you and your friends are bar hopping or headed out to the clubs, choose the Boat Quay one. If you want some chill live music, then check out the Little India outlet! To top it off, both locations host trivia nights (Boat Quay on Tuesday, Little India on Wednesday)! So next time you head out for drinks, check out Prince of Wales. Oh! Did I mention they have the best pizza as well?

Credit: Loof

2 // Loof

Looking to find that perfect place with an insta-worthy backdrop and cheap drinks? Loof has got you covered. This rooftop bar along North Bridge Road is a true gem. Loof opens at 5pm with $5 drinks which increases as the hours pass (eg. 6pm, $6 drinks). So here’s a tip: go hard at 5pm.

Credit: The Ambassadors

3 // Stickies Bar

I’m pretty sure most of us recognize Stickies Bar as the resident cheap drinks bar. Similar to Loof, the drinks here are priced according to the hour. Stickies, however, opens its doors at 12pm which means it’s pretty much happy hour all day everyday! In addition to their cheap drinks, Stickies provides you with all your typical bar games for a fun night out. Darts, pool, Jenga, beer pong and the list is endless. It’s always a fun night (or day) at Stickies!

Credit: Sethlui

4 // Sleeping Giants

Away from the city centre, Sleeping Giants is a cozy bar perfect for cheap booze and awesome food. They have the cheapest beer and house pour towers… yes you read that right! Sleeping Giants takes value for money to a whole new level by introducing house pour towers to the bar scene! So next time your gang is headed out, take a trip down to the east side of the country and check out Sleeping Giants.

Credit: Eatbook

5 // Smööbar

This bar brings us back to the city but still guarantees you an affordable night.

Smööbar’s affiliation with Singapore Management University (SMU) means it

definitely caters to the university student life and budget. It is a café by day, but the bar opens at 2pm, so afternoon drinks are a big YES. Smööbar’s beer promotion is incredibly reasonable, and innovative as well – do try out the Soju towers! They occasionally host live bands, so do look out for gigs. Or if you just want to chill it out, there are dart boards available for you and your friends to try your hand at!

So there you have it! 5 VERY affordable bars in this expensive city. Now that your wallet can breathe, have fun and party on!

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