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What to Wear for Presentations

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Presentations are a huge and important part of the university experience, regardless of whether they are done individually or in groups. They definitely can be nerve-wrecking because your professors or tutors are watching every move you make and marking you based on your presentation skills. And as if that is not bad enough, you suddenly regret your choice of outfit as your skirt inches up your thighs each time you move, forcing you to constantly tug on them subtly while you attempt to finish your presentation.

While wearing the appropriate outfit for your presentations makes a whole lot of difference, it is much easier said than done! Fortunately, we have sat through enough presentations to give you some tips on how to dress right for your important presentations:

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Girls, save your denim shorts for another day. And boys, please never wear bermudas for your presentation. Slippers are a huge no-no too! Unless your professor requires a formal dress code, it is always safe to stick to a semi-formal outfit. I once had a classmate who turned up for her presentation in a cosplay outfit because she had a photoshoot after class. Luckily, the lecturer was pretty chill, but do note that not all teachers are the same. I understand that the Singapore weather is horrifyingly hot and humid, and you want to wear as little as possible, but a small sacrifice goes a long way. A pair of jeans matched with a plain T-shirt (no crazy graphics please!) and covered shoes is the perfect attire for a presentation. And for girls who dislike wearing jeans, you can consider wearing a dress or skirt that hits just above your knees. A sleeveless top or dress works fine but if you want more coverage, simply throw a cardigan on. You can always remove it when it gets too warm later. Avoid wearing a too-short skirt or dress as you do not want to have to always tug the hemline down. Dress comfortably because only then can you give your best performance!

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I have attended presentations where the presenter would lift up his/her arms and you can see their pit stains. Maybe they did apply deodorant but with Singapore’s unforgiving weather, nothing works. Especially if you are someone who sweats a lot when nervous. Regardless of which category you fall under, avoid wearing light-coloured clothing (white is okay as they hide stains really well) as it would make your sweat stains more obvious. However, if you really do need a light-coloured outfit, put on a jacket just before your presentation to hide the pit stains and remove it immediately after to not get a heat stroke!

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This is a tip that people often forget. Sometimes, you become so engrossed in presenting that you move a little too much and hear a loud rip from your clothes. To never have to suffer this wardrobe malfunction, always wear an outfit that does not restrict your movement. I know you want to show off that body that you worked hard for but leave that for another time! When you are presenting, you want to be as comfortable as possible and not worry that your pants are going to split. Always remember that you are the most confident when you are dressed right!

This concludes our top three tips on what to wear for presentations! Besides wearing the appropriate outfit, remember to practise your lines so that you are able to present your ideas clearly and answer any queries that your audience may have.

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