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Life of a Hall Kid

As a person who has stayed in hall for 5 semesters, I believe hall life varies for each and every person, depending on their degree of participation in hall activities and their friendships forged. However, I believe there are two universal factors that most share throughout their hall experiences — time management and appreciation.

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Time management, is no doubt one of the most necessary life skill anyone should and need to become proficient in. While the never-ending work load and the ever clashing datelines of CAs may befit as the medium for time management, the inclusion of hall life into the equation serves to further incentivise one to think about priorities and work-life balance.

Hall life is indeed draining and more often that not, it messes up the plans you’ve organised for the day. Activities typically do not start until 7pm and it is not surprising when it runs late to the wee hours of the morning. Having trainings, dance practices or even meetings at 1am is a pretty common feat in hall. Hitting the plateau of burnout may become an all too familiar experience.

However, it is such crazy time schedule that forces us to instinctively strive to maintain our hall commitments and grades simultaneously. We begin to find any pockets of free time and even free days from school to accomplish what we are required of us.

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We ditch procrastination simply because we do not have time to do so. And the fact that we are thrown into the mad race against time, the adrenaline to meet datelines push us to become more effective and efficient in our work. In turn, we become more resilient to breakdowns because time is simply too precious for crying and complaining. All we can do and have to do is face reality head on.


Nonetheless, things do not necessarily appear as rosy and optimistic as described, especially when stress gets to us. Sometimes, there is so much that we can take before we breakdown mentally and emotionally. It is during times like this our hall mates become one of the most vital support that we need.

Under similar circumstances, they are the ones who can truly understand and relate to our frustrations and annoyance the most. And I believe, it is through this intimacy in experience that we also grow to understand the meaning of appreciation. Appreciating them not for the comforts and fun times together, but appreciate them for the very fact that they do not pretend but know what it really means to have a life of a hall kid.

Credit: Free-Photos / Pixabay

While hall life is out there for all to grab, it is not a life suited for everybody. It takes the willingness in one to learn about time management and to put it into practice.There are people who I have witnessed gone downhill with hall but, I have also witnessed more and more people getting better at managing their time and forging tight friendships. Hall life is definitely a painful experience. However, I believe the craziness of it all helps to prepare for life ahead.

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