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How to Add Colour to Your Wardrobe

I used to shun away from bright colours because they were difficult to match. My wardrobe used to consist of mostly black-coloured items and my mother would always comment,

“What do you mean this top doesn’t go with this bottom? They are all black so what is the difference?”

Credit: StockSnap / Pixabay

Unable to take my mother’s relentless nagging that I always wear black, I decided to buy a dusty pink blouse and finally got her stamp of approval. She commented, “You look good in that!”; That was when I realised colours are not that bad after all. I have since then added a pop of colour or two into my wardrobe.

1 / Start Small

The key to injecting some colours into your wardrobe is to start small. Buy some brightly-coloured accessories that will instantly turn your outfit from drab to fab! A simple and colourful statement necklace can make your outfit fun and work appropriate.

Credit: jackmac34 / Pixabay

2 / Quality Bag

When you are ready to welcome more colours into your life, consider investing in a good quality bag. Sometimes, a coloured bag might just be that extra something that you monochrome outfit lacks.

Having a coloured bag does not equate to having a loud bag. Try experimenting bags of duller colours, such as maroon; you would be surprised to know that they do go very well with a lot of other colours.

3 / Graphic Prints

If you are too afraid to commit to a fully coloured top, why not buy a t-shirt with graphic prints instead? A graphic print t-shirt can make your outfit more interesting, and you wouldn't feel that uncomfortable for somewhat stepping out of your comfort zone, your black roots.

Take a black t-shirt for example. With a unique print on a dark tee, it is not only easy to match but would also make your all-black outfit look more refreshing to the eye!

Credit: Free-Photos / Pixabay

4 / Shoes

Shoes are also an excellent way to start adding some colour to your dreary wardrobe. After all, one can never have too many pairs of shoes, right?

If you really detest the idea of buying hard-to-match tops or bottoms, try getting a pair of coloured shoes. You can't go wrong with those. We mean, a pair of red sneakers with a monochromatic outfit would bring your fashion game to a whole new level. It just screams style!

Remember, as much as it is comfortable to stick with your usual monochrome colour palette, it is fun to stray away a little. We do, after all, live in a very colourful world.

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