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How to Pull (successful) All-nighters

Staying up all night is an arduous feat for all of us, especially when your eyes can no longer distinguish between the countless pages of words and blurred lines. Having a body clock of an owl, I have pulled many all-nighters to finish up my school work (and of course sneak in some time for my shows as well). With that, here are five tips on how to pull a successful all-nighter

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1 / The Perfect Coffee Time

It is said that the effects of caffeine starts kicking in within 15 minutes of consumption and lasts for about 6 hours each time. With that, it would be wise to plan the timing of your consumption such that it will keep you awake for the whole night and through school the next day.

Just remember to crash immediately after you come home from school the following day so that you are well rested.

2 / Lights & Environment

Bright lights can help you to stay focussed on the task at hand and not be put in a lull, which would happen if you are under dim lighting. Also, try to stay away from your bedroom so that your bed does not get too tempting. Your dining or coffee table would be a great option, since it gets quiet in the night anyway.

(Credit: kaboompics / pixabay)

3 / Filling Meals - A No-No

Personally, this is one of the most difficult things to control simply because studying gets me feeling really hungry at times. Without proper food within an arms’ length, I would often feel tempted to cook a packet of instant noodles for myself. Truth be told, I always regret this because it lands me in a food coma. What I would highly recommend is for you to grab yourselves some light and nutritional snacks, like nuts, to keep you munching and not feel sleepy!

4 / Warm Is Good

Now I know a lot of us prefer to study in a cool and comfortable environment, especially with the horrendous heat we live in, but doing this will make you just want to crawl into your bed and get under your covers as quick as possible.

I usually would avoid switching on the air-conditioner when I study in my room. Instead, I would angle my pedestal fan such that it is facing away from my face so that the wind doesn’t make me sleepy but let it blow on my feet, making the cooling wind travels up my body.

(Credit: FlitsArt / pixabay)

5 / Pace Yourself

Lastly, staying up all night is really tiring, both for the mind and the body, so do remember to pace yourself such that your brain does not get too tired for class the next day. Take sufficient breaks (you could try out the Pomodoro technique), and if possible, take a half an hour nap before you officially start the next day, it genuinely makes things a lot easier.

And there you go, five tips on how you can pull off your next all-nighter! Do remember that everybody’s body is different and what may work for me might not work for you, but no harm giving it a try I would say!

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