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Top 5 Insta-worthy Spots at UCC!

Running out of places to take that perfect #OOTD shot for the 'Gram? Well, why don't you take a bus down to pay the newly-upgraded University Cultural Centre (UCC) a visit? ;)

The UCC officially reopened its doors last Thursday, following a six-month renovation that lasted from August 2017 to February 2018. It now boasts updated features for guests, artists and presenters, such as new flooring and seating arrangements (with retractable rows!), improved lighting and air-conditioning, as well as a brand new Atrium that has been designed to mirror the iconic façade of the UCC’s main entrance. There is a beautiful array of artworks and artefacts that dot the area as well, such as sculptures, paintings and ceramics by local artists like Ng Eng Teng, Iskandar Jalil, Chong Fah Cheong, Delia Prvacki and Milenko Prvacki.

Without a doubt, the renovation has not only helped in revitalizing the spaces within the UCC, but in underscoring the UCC's role in the integration of the arts into university life as well. It is, in fact, a key asset in enhancing creative opportunities for students, serving as an important space for students to engage with the arts and thus learn to, as NUS President Prof. Tan Eng Chye notes, "work across perceived boundaries, to leverage diversity and foster new ideas."

The upgraded facilities and overall decor have also cemented the UCC as one of the top few places for amazing #OOTD shots! UNITE paid the UCC a visit and found the top five spots for the 'Gram:

1. The main staircase

Yes, we mean staircase (without an "s" at the back), because there's only one now. It makes the UCC look much more spacious, allowing for a clear line of sight to the theatre, atrium, hall and NUS Museum from the main entrance. It's also our favourite place to take #OOTD shots--especially candid ones!

2. The foyer

Take a photo by the area beside the glass panels to feature the iconic sculptures that sit outside the UCC in the background! Did you know that these sculptures - titled Wealth and Contentment (1974) - are by renowned local sculptor Ng Eng Teng? Both were originally displayed at the Plaza Singapura atrium, but were donated to NUS in 1997; now they sit rather blissfully (not kidding--take a look at the expression of each sculpted figure!) outside UCC.

You can also take a photo from the second floor, but this will require a much better camera than an iPhone--or at least, a fancy filter! We tried:

3. The Main Entrance

The area near the UCC's main entrance also makes for a fun #OOTD--just make sure you don't block anybody's path when you do so!

4. The quotes!

How many can you find?

Both of these quotes are on the second floor of the UCC. The one on the left is right outside the VIP Room, and the one on the right is by the staircase at the farthest right. They're not the only ones, though.

There are quite a number of them scattered around the UCC, including the space adjacent to the NUS Museum! Once you're done taking your #OOTD, make sure to swing by the NUS Museum to take a look at some of their latest exhibitions: Rediscovering Forgotten Thai Masters of Photography (co-curated by Manit SriwanichpoomCrossings), and a solo exhibition by Wei Leng Tay! The Sarkasi Said Batik Art exhibition is there as well--i.e. more Insta-worthy #OOTD opportunities!

5. I Was Here!

Of course, who can forget this one! Heck, are you even an NUS student if you haven't taken a photo with the iconic "I Was Here" (2004) monument?!

Dig a little deeper and you'll find that it's is more than just a perfect #OOTD prop--In fact, it's actually an artwork by Francis Ng! It was originally a travelling installation that was placed at various spots around Singapore (such as the Singapore Art Museum). According to the NUS Museum, the words themselves interrogate "questions of identity (I), presence (WAS) and place (HERE)".

There are also other places worth visiting for that #OOTD, such as the green space and the sheltered walkway at the back of the UCC... We leave this entirely up to you to explore! Just make sure to be considerate of and respect the space at all times.

We also highly recommend sticking to only the ground and (at most) second floors. This is because the third floor is where the offices are at--and everyone's hard at work preparing for the CFA's 25th Anniversary celebrations this year (list of events available here), so it's better not to disturb them ;)

Have fun!


PS. the two main models featured here are Chen Wenting and Alif Sutrisno, both NUS Student Ambassadors for AY2018/19 :)

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