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10 Weekend Hangout Ideas That Won't Burn Your Pocket

Living in a small country like Singapore means having limited things to do for fun (especially when you’re on a student budget). But fret not, you no longer have to rack your brains to come up with something new to do over the weekends. Here’s a list of 10 things to do to keep your weekends fresh as ever.

  1. Swimming

Our year-round summer weather means year-round swimming opportunities. Besides being an activity complementary to our weather, swimming is a great option because it’s close to free! Singaporeans can easily gain access to swimming complexes around Singapore by using their ActiveSG account (free membership and plus $100 credits!).

Credit: singapore-guide

Alternatively, you can head down to Tanjong Beach Club in Sentosa if you'd like to couple your swim day with some beer pong and good music.

2. Picnic

Another way to take advantage of our all year summer weather is by opting for picnics. Bring a kite if you’re visiting the Marina Barrage, or a beach ball to if you're headed for the East Coast beach!

Alternatively, places like the Botanic Gardens often have free outdoor music events. Make sure to keep a lookout for those to enjoy a groovier picnic! The next time you feel like filling up your time, grab your picnic mat and spend your time at the green spaces of Singapore.

Credit: globalfashiongal

3. Hiking

Hiking is a healthy activity for you and your friends to engage in when you are tired of the usual shopping and cinema dates.

Over the past few years, popular hiking spots like the HSBC TreeTop walk and Nature Trail at MacRitchie reservoir have come into the limelight. If you’ve already done those, try places closer to home - by which I mean NUS. Take a quick trip down to Mount Faber and scale the hill for excellent views. Just take a leisurely stroll from NUS to Kent Ridge Park and begin your hike!

4. Potluck and Games Night

Want to stay home and get cozy with friends instead of heading out? A Potluck and Games Night is the way to roll. Plus, it's hassle free! Everyone just got to bring a dish or drink and the host would just have to organise the games!

Try games like Cards Against Humanity if you’re looking to laugh the night away. If everyone gets tired, simply turn your games night into a movie night by putting some Netflix on. A good night guaranteed.

Credit: theculturetrip

5. The Projector

If you’re a movie buff that is tired of the modern day films or just want to enjoy some good ol’ classics, head on down to The Projector!

The place screens old classics and documentaries almost everyday and tickets can be bought online. Plus, did we mention that they've got bean bags as seats?

Other than movies, The Projector plays hosts to many events too. Join their mailing list to keep yourself updated about this underrated gem.

Credit: bonappetour

6. Comedy Nights

If you or your friends love the night scene and love to laugh, comedy nights are perfect! For only $10 at Blu Jaz Café, you can enjoy their ‘Talk Cock Comedy Show’. And at a slightly higher price, you can enjoy Singapore’s favorite local comedian, Kumar, at Canvas along circular road.

7. Billiards

A sport meant especially for those night lovers. Bars like Georges, The Crazy Elephant and Skinny’s Lounge are great places for a drink and a game of pool with your friends.

Alternatively, if you want to just play game after game without having other bar-goers breathing down your neck so that they can have a go, head on down to Brunswick Pool and Billiards at The Cathay or Cue Guru at Bugis+! Both are great places to practice your pool skills for you to show off to your friends at your next bar night!

Credit: triposo

8. Museum Hopping

For such a small country, we have A LOT of museums. The next time you’re planning an outing, try museum hopping. Museums like the ArtScience Museum always have interesting exhibits worth checking out. Or, if you’re looking to visit less mainstream exhibits, head down to Reflections at Bukit Chandu or the MINT Museum of Toys. If you check out one new museum every week and I assure you, you’ll be occupied for months.

Credit: tma

9. Live Music

There’s something about live music that brings everyone together and in a good mood. Check out places like Timbre, Haji Lane or even Clarke Quay for some good live music to get you and your friends in an A+ mood. In fact, don’t feel shy to dance, sing or even scream along!

10. Reading Cafés

For the introverts, reading enthusiasts or those craving a little calm amidst a hectic week, this one’s for you. Places like the Book Café along Robertson Quay provides an array of reading materials and quiet for you and your friends to just be in each other’s space without having to be actively present. Pure bliss.

So there you have it, 10 hangout ideas! Now, who said Singapore is boring?

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