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Should You Dye Your Hair? Look no further, we've got you covered.

If you’re considering a colour change to your “typical” black hair, WAIT! Dyeing your hair is a big life-changing decision. It is costly, semi-permanent and can either make or break your look. But fret not, for the following pros and cons will guide you to your big decision.

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(1) A New Look

First, you’ll get a fresh new look. Say goodbye to the “boring” black-hair look (for a while). Colouring your hair can make the biggest difference to your physical appearance by adding more colour and life into your daily look without much hassle or effort. Like an effortless accessory, a new hair colour will give you a little more edge.

(2) Get Creative!

Instead of a single-colour dye, you could experiment with different hues, shades and colouring techniques until you find your favourite look! Best of all, the funkier the colour, the more you’ll stand out in the crowd.

(3) Hide your grey hair

Third, a dye job will hide the fact that you, like many others, are also ageing. Grey hairs are a pain. But a thorough dye will ensure those grey hairs don’t diminish your youthful glow.

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Then again, every rose has its thorns. Dyeing your hair, too, has its Achilles’ heels. If the following scares you, put the box of hair dye down. Here’s how a dye job could ruin your life:

(1) Damage

If you’re thinking of bleaching your hair, then bid your smooth and soft locks goodbye because hair dye can be damaging. The chemicals in hair dyes will dry out your hair and, in worst cases, even ruin the texture of your hair. Thus, you’ll need an effective hair oil or lotion to ensure your locks stay healthy. Unfortunately, sometimes the hair can be too damaged that the only solution left is the big chop.

(2) High Maintenance

Your natural black hair will grow out in time to come, so that means another visit to the salon. Even if you dye your hair regularly, the black (or natural hair colour) will just keep coming back. Furthermore, the dye might fade in the long run. Maintaining the colour might be a bit of a hassle if you’re particular about the intensity of the colour.

(3) Wrong Colour

If you’re lucky enough to meet a knowledgeable stylist, then this might not be an issue for you. However, a bad dye job with the wrong colour could ruin your style completely, nuff’ said. In unfortunate circumstances, you might have to deal with negative comments from other people.

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If you’re willing to deal with the following inconveniences of having dyed hair, then perhaps a colour change would do you (and your hair) well.

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