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Food Review: Greendot

Credit: Greendot

I first heard of Greendot when I chanced upon it at Star Vista. I was hesitant to try it at first as I never had good impression of vegetarian food. However, the staff enticed me with an offer no broke university student could decline: A student discount and a free drink that comes with every meal.

The concept of Greendot's customised bento boxes is simple. It offers customers the option to choose what goes in their dishes. First, simply pick the type of rice you want. They offer fragrance white rice, sesame rice, and beauty brown rice. Personally, I would recommend the sesame rice because it has an enriching taste just like chicken rice! However, if you are attempting to be healthier (well, #newyearnewme), then brown rice would be a better choice.

Next, choose one main and two types of vegetables. Every bento set comes with a bowl of soup which makes it really value for money! Although the soup looks very unappetising, don’t let its appearance fool you. It packs a lot of flavour from the hours of boiling ingredients like winter melon and carrots together. My personal favourite is their Lion Mane Mushroom Rendang Bento, which just so happens to be their bestseller.

Credit: Greendot

Each customised bento costs around $7.90 but if you can choose to add premium ingredients for an additional dollar. However, considering the fact that you get a full meal with drinks for less than ten dollars, it is definitely a bang for your buck!

Besides the customised bento boxes, Greendot also offers other mains such as vegan laksa, salads and mushroom pots. However, do note that not all their options are vegan as some dishes contain milk. Despite that, they have a wide variety of options that caters to every taste bud and diet restrictions.

Credit: Greendot

If you are craving for something sweet, Greendot also sells Taiwanese desserts like shaved ice with mango. However, the desserts are on the pricier side and are not as tasty as more established Taiwanese dessert stalls like Blackball. That being said, their mains are definitely worth a try!

So if you ever come across a branch, do consider patronising it. They have outlets all over Singapore so you do not have to travel down specially to Star Vista!

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