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Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2017 Review

Credit: Great Deals Singapore

Although the festive season is over and it’s a brand new year, we can’t help but still have our minds etched to the thought of the wonderful spirits of Christmas. We mean, who doesn’t love the festive season?

Anyway, what’s spending Christmas in Singapore without experiencing the annual Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland event? With that said, here’s our Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland 2017 review.

Credit: Ed Unloaded

The Atmosphere

Although we were there for only an hour or two, we strongly believe that the atmosphere that you get once you enter the event can be summarised with one word: warmth.

Contrary to the blue lights used to create a rather cool setting, the feelings we got from the moment we entered the event grounds were simply warm and loving.

Credit: AsiaStyleAsia

Go There for the Gram

Even though we are still on the fence about doing things for the gram, the inner basic b**tch in us just made us guilty for heading there to experience what it’s like there.

After all, Gardens by the Bay has been organising the annual Christmas Wonderland event for the fourth year already and it seems as if everyone has been there at least once!

So if you would like to cross off that Christmas Wonderland pointer on your Places to Go for the Gram list, we can say that it’s definitely worth the trip because hey there are beautiful Christmas lights and makeshift snow!

TIP: Though we love a pair of killer heels to complete the killer look that you might be going for, heels might not be the best pair of kicks you want to have on when you visit. Trust us, we’ve got blisters as evidence.

Credit: AspirantSG

It’s Pretty Chill (Pun Intended)

Besides jamming to the Christmas hits that play in the air as the Supertrees in Gardens by the Bay “dance” to the rhythm or standing in the Spalliera and letting “snow” fall onto our noses, the event was pretty chill for us.

Plus, there was literally a lawn that was decorated with beautiful lawn lights where people sat. They even had picnics there whilst soaking up the peaceful and beautiful place that the Christmas Wonderland is.

Credit: A Juggling Mom


All in all, we believe that if you have yet to check out the Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland, you certainly have to give it a shot this year.

Though we’ve got to say that we did not explore the entire landscape of the event, like Carnival Games, Carnival Rides and Santa’s Grotto, it was a great experience for us nonetheless.

We mean, if you plan your visit at a period of time where there might not be as many people, you probably wouldn’t feel suffocated or annoyed by the fact that you are being squashed amongst 1001 people whilst trying your best to enjoy the ambience and experience.

So make a mental note today and make sure to check out the Gardens by the Bay Christmas Wonderland this 2018.

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