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Character Themed Cafes: Worth the Hype?

Credit: mothership

Hello Kitty, Miffy, Pom Pom Purin and Gudetama, 2017 was a year filled with the arrival of one character themed cafe to another. However, are they truly worth the hype? Here's what we think.

Credit: Home & Decor Singapore

1. Yes, If You Love Them

It goes without saying that if you have been a fan of the character, such as the worldwide famous kitty cat, Hello Kitty, checking out the character themed cafe should be a must-go on your "list of food places to check out". We mean, don't you want to take #igworthy pictures there?

Credit: The Straits Times

2. Yes, If You're Willing to Wait

Everyone wants a slice of fun and with that, queues can be as long as a dragon, especially for new character themed cafes. So unless you are willing to wait for 30 minutes to an hour, you should check out the new place pronto.

However, if you ain't got time for that, waiting for the hype to die down and then visit the place could he a good idea too.

Credit: PinkyPiggu

3. Yes, If You Are Willing To Splurge A Little

Though the prices are not drastically different than those of a regular restaurant, you've still got to expect it to be slightly pricer than your daily meal. Although, we've got to say, some of their dishes are truly a bang for your buck so do some research if you want to make the best out of your cash. Plus, it's okay to #treatyoself right?

Credit: EatBook

4. Yes, For The Atmosphere

Similar to the reasoning of yourself being a fan of the character, the atmosphere of these themed cafes are one and only and you will hardly find another place that could offer the same feeling.

With that being said, we believe character themed cafes are certainly worth the hype. So do mark your calendars and plan your visit ahead before they leave our sunny shores!

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