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5 Life-Saving Apps for School

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Worried about forgetting a deadline? Feeling overwhelmed by the sheer difficulty of organising your lesson notes? Can't understand that really tough reading because the content are just too complex? Fret not! Make the arduous task of doing school work more efficient and less stressful with these five mobile apps, they are great companions for university students:

1) Evernote (iOS & Android)

Need to jot down important lecture pointers or create comprehensive revision notes? Evernote is a pretty good choice for that. With its straightforward and sleek interface, note-taking has never been easier. You can also conveniently attach images and audio clips to your text.

Credit: Evernote

Keep your sea of notes well-organised with the app's Notebook feature, where you can categorise your different notes according to the modules. Now you can easily locate your notes and simply read through them before exams!

Evernote allows you to sync your notes across different devices, so you can access them anytime and anywhere. Apart from note-taking, the app offers a variety of diverse features such as creating to-do lists and scanning documents.

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2) Duolingo (iOS & Android)

Language modules are fun and a popular choice among students, but acquiring and mastering a new language can be hard. Why not make the learning process less tedious and more enjoyable with Duolingo?

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Equipping you with different essential skills like writing and listening, Duolingo's wide array of online lessons are very interesting and interactive. They come with visual complements and clear accurate pronunciations, making the learning experience an enriching one. The app accurately identifies weaker words, encouraging the user to consistently improve on their command of the language. Also, the user is rewarded for engaging in practice streaks - that surely will be a great motivator for you to revisit the lessons frequently and brush up on your skills!

Credit: Google Play

Credit: Fluent in 3 months

Best part? Unlike most other language apps in the market which demand hefty subscription fees, Duolingo is completely free!

3) myHomework Student Planner (iOS & Android)

Towards the end of the semester, as waves of endless (and headache-inducing) assignments start gushing it, school can get very hectic and overwhelming. Amidst all that stress and anxiety, it is possible for us to miss deadlines. With myHomework student planner, you can easily keep track of all the tasks you need to complete, be it an essay, test or project presentation.

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The app enables you to sort your list of tasks by priority so you can know what to focus on first. Different classes are designated different colour code, so you can differentiate them. With the app's timely notifications that will promptly remind you about any upcoming deadlines, you will no longer fear missing a submission.

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4) Flash Cards Free Flashcards Maker for Studying (iOS)

I have tried many flashcard apps before and they all turned out to be either too complex or too tedious to use. That was until I stumbled upon Flash Cards Free Flashcards Maker for Studying, a very simple yet effective flashcard app. There is no need to create an account or declare any educational information prior to using the app. You just jump right in and create your personalised deck of cards, no additional steps required.

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Its design is clear and sleek to ensure efficient studying. This app also enables you to bold and italicise your words, a bonus feature which helps you to highlight any key point. It definitely comes in handy as a quick refresher before the exams.

Credit: Flash Cards

Android users can download the alternative Flashcard Maker – Study fast app. Like Flash Cards Free, creating flashcards on this app is simple and straightforward. You can choose from a variety of colour options to customise your deck. You can also insert visual aids like images and drawings into your flashcards, making the learning process even more engaging!



5) Oxford English Dictionary (iOS & Android)

Widely recognised as the main historical dictionary of the English language and used by scholars worldwide, the professional OED is a reliable and comprehensive resource that will lend you a huge helping hand in your academic work. With the online dictionary now available on your phone in pocket-size, you can efficiently check words and search up any unfamiliar terms on the go.

Credit: OED

Besides word definitions, the app also provides word origins and sample sentences to enhance your understanding. No doubt this app will be a valuable asset when you are polishing your term paper or dealing with complex readings.

Credit: OED

There you have it! Five essential apps that can potentially be a great boost to your academic life. May they all be useful and all the best for the upcoming semester ahead! :)

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