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5 Reasons Why You Should Tutor Today!

As a tutor myself, I can safely say that the responsibilities of being a student and a tutor is not as intimidating as it sounds. Rather, it has undeniably brought quite a degree of satisfaction and benefit to me. So, throw away those nasty thoughts about tutoring and look at 5 reasons why you should tutor today!

1. Flexible Hours

There is no doubt, as students we all go through the rollercoasters of workload. One day you are free as a bird, and the next, you realise you’re battling with 3 presentations, 2 submissions and probably endless readings in a single week.

But be relieved because tutoring allows you to work around your clock. It is perfectly reasonable to reschedule and to return to tutoring after the hectic period if you need to. Just remember to give a heads up to account for your absence and a promise to see it through with make up lessons.

2. The Pay

Oh money, probably one of the greatest worries of a student. With barely any income, students are almost always running poor, trying our best to scrimp and save on every penny we have to survive through the week, perhaps even the month.

With a guaranteed pay of at least $30-35/hour, higher than those hourly wages of part-time work, tutoring is a great way to solve your money woes. Taking on more or higher-level tutees will increase your pay both easily and significantly. And with good negotiating skills, you can expect more money to roll into those pockets.

3. Impressive Resume

If you’re intending to impress with your resume, tutoring is definitely the way to go. Unlike other part time jobs, the academic-affiliation in tutoring boosts your professionalism that can potentially increase your employment opportunities in this highly competitive society.

Beyond that, tutoring is also telling of your communication skills and ability to work well with others, which is another plus point for your future employment.

4. It's Not Exactly Teaching...

Fret not about the additional pressure of having to prepare powerpoint slides or lecture notes for your tutees, they’ve had enough of those in school. Cut them and yourself some slack with some impromptu and laid back teaching because believe it or not, those are most welcomed by tutees. As Gail Goldwin says, “Good teaching is 1/4 preparation and 3/4 theatre”. So let those creative juices flow. Feel free to occasionally resonate some college student vibes and just whack it.

5. ... But It's Also More Than Teaching!

Tutoring is more than a coordinated time of teaching; you’re developing a relationship with your tutee while you teach, perhaps more intimate than those with school teachers. And by doing so, you’re making a difference in their lives and theirs on yours. You’ve gained not only a tutee but a friend.

Most of all, when you provide them with the help they need, you’re greatly appreciated as well. Who knows, maybe you can even expect to look forward to the annual Teacher’s Day.


All of this are based solely on my personal experience of course! While I cannot guarantee the replica of the above, I still urge many of you to at least try. I mean after all, life is all about testing the waters right? ;)

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