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5 Walks You Can't Walk Away From!

Need a little break from all that studying? Maybe it's time to take a hike! No, really, Singapore has quite a handful of places perfect for a leisurely walk or trek, and we’ve listed down a few here that you might want to check out.

1. Mount Faber

Head on down to Mount Faber and be prepared to feel awed by the gorgeous flora and fauna hugging the summit, and to immerse yourself in local history at Faber Point, the highest point in the park.

Left Photo Credit: Lynch Me Now Wordpress

Right Photo Credit: Visit Singapore

A beautiful view of the city-line awaits at the end of the upward hike, coupled with the sense of satisfaction at knowing you’ve probably lost a couple of pounds along the way.

Directions: Take an MRT down to Harbourfront (Circle Line/Northeast Line), and take the Exit D. You'll have to walk along the Marang Trail first--we didn't add this trail to this list, we've left this to you guys to explore 😊

2. Southern Ridges

But wait, don’t stop there! Refill your waterbottles and then walk some more to pay the entire Southern Ridges a proper visit too!

It’s a 10km trail that boasts an experience like no other, with an opportunity for trekkers to enjoy a panoramic view of all the parks that make up the Southern Ridges, including Mount Faber, Telok Blangah (hint hint, Henderson Waves), and good ol’ Kent Ridge Park.

Left Photo Credit: Shaun Chng

This path will take you through HortPark as well, which in turn features an interesting display of themed gardens perfect for a selfie or two!

Directions: Walk towards NUS (you can never run away from school, even during the holidays 😊) - or rather, Kent Ridge Park - from Mount Faber. For a much more detailed route, download this very comprehensive guide here.

3. MacRitchie Treetop Walk

The MacRitchie Treetop Walk has been one of the trendiest places on everyone’s To Do list, and it’s no wonder—it’s the first of its kind in Singapore and the region! Boasting a total length of 250m, the suspension bridge also provides a wondrous view of the wildlife that thrive within the forest canopy.

Photo Credit: Nparks

One important thing to take note: the gate closes at 5pm sharp, so make sure you’re there bright and early, with lots of sunscreen and water to stay hydrated!

Directions: You'll have to get to MacRitchie Reservoir Park first, and then take a 4.5km walk to the entrance of the TreeTop Walk. If you're going to MacRitchie Reservoir Park by car, it's only a 2.5km walk from the Venus Drive carpark.

4. Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk

The Labrador Nature and Coastal Walk connects the Southern Ridges to the Southern waterfront and Labrador Nature Reserve. Here, you’ll get to experience a different side of nature—not rainforests and treetops, but mangroves! A multitude of wildlife and plants await you, including 40% of the endangered and vulnerable plant species in the whole of Singapore. This tranquil spot is perfect for anyone looking for some quiet alone time.

Photo credits: Pilates Fitness

5. Sungei Buloh Wetland Reserve

First opened in 1993, this ecological jewel is perfect for an up-close and personal experience with a variety of animals, from mudskippers to kingfishers, to even otters (and even crocodiles, if you’re lucky! Or… not so lucky).

Photo Credits: Bird Ecology Group Photo Credits: NUS Blog

If you aren’t too sure of which area to begin your exploration, don’t worry, there are also free guided walks that you can join every Saturday! Registration is required beforehand, though.

Directions: Take Bus 925 from Kranji MRT Station and alight at Kranji Reservoir Carpark B, and cross the road to the Visitor Centre.


To think this list isn’t exhaustive! If you’re planning on making a trip down to any of these places, don’t forget to bring lots of sunscreen, water, and mosquito repellent. You are also encouraged to use comfortable walking shoes, and a pair of sunglasses if you’re feeling cool😊 Have fun!

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