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Group mate horror stories

Halloween is not over mates. It’s Week 11, and most of you are probably in the midst of (frantically) completing your group assignments.

Group projects can be one of the most traumatic experiences in our lives as students (speaking of which, I wonder if anyone dressed up as a group project for Halloween).

From meeting members who go Missing in Action to those who don't let others contribute, sometimes group projects really unite you with group mates from hell.

Here are some horrible group mate horror stories that you’ll wish to never happen to you.

  1. He deleted the project hours before presentation

“There was this guy in my group who was always so rude and condescending. On the first day of us working together, he seemed to go with the flow and did not have any violent objections about anything.

However, from the second meeting onwards, he often talked to my group mates and I in a condescending tone. He never agreed with anything, but just dismissed it when we asked for his opinion on how to improve what he didn’t like. He’d just scoff and roll his eyes whenever we asked for his input (nicely), and he did not contribute. I don’t know what's his deal, no one did.

Anyway, he was pretty tamed because I had a fierce group mate who told him off several times. It was only after the project that I found out from my other course mates that he was indeed a terrible person to work with, he ever deleted the entire group project several hours before presentation, just because he disagreed with them.” - Mary, 21


2. She kept me up all night

“For my Final Year Project, we couldn’t choose our group members and I got the infamous black sheep of the class in my group. Out of the few things that she was tasked to do, majority was done with other group members' help. She was supposed to do a video with another group member but they only did it the night before the day of our presentation, even though they had months before to do it. I had to wake up twice, at 5am and 7am, to help them out with it when i have already finished all my tasks because they did it entirely wrong. Our presentation was at 9am. - Amy, 21


3. The rude one

“It was the start of the school term so I wasn’t very confident in myself and came across as quite timid. So there was this guy in my group that thought that I wasn’t good at presenting stuff and needed to 'practice' articulating myself. He made me 'practice' reading out loud in front of him and the other group members. I was so stunned at that moment i just did what he said. But afterwards i started feeling bad for myself and realised that he was such a jerk for doing that.

I asked to speak to him privately and told him that I didn’t like to be treated like that. He cried.” - Sarah, 21

4. She screwed up the presentation intro

"It was for this GE module where I had a group mate that went Missing In Action. She only turned up for group meetings only when she felt like it. She did not do anything for the project, even up till the day of presentation.

We had to do everything by ourselves and prayed hard that she wouldn't screw up the part that we gave her, which was the introduction of the presentation - aka the easiest.

She screwed it up.”


5. He partied the night before presentation

“There was this group member (the same one in story #3) who didn’t do s*** for our project. On the day before the submission, he didn’t reply to any of the messages on the group chat. It turned out that he was at a birthday party.

He came late on the day of presentation and guess what? Upon arrival, all he did was criticise the presentation slides though he did nothing.” Sherry, 21

*Names have been changed to protect the identities of the contributors.

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