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Rule of Thumb for a Kickass Romeo-Juliet Love Story

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Looking at society now, I always knew love wasn’t just all about revealing your liking towards someone. It wasn’t just waiting for each other after school or acting all coy when you spot your girlfriend or boyfriend when you’re with your group of friends. Although I did not know what true love is, I knew initially that the way the youngsters did was not convincing to me that it was "true".

After years of observing and experiencing, I finally had a taste of what true love actually is. It is not only about holding onto your love dearly, but also about being prepared to let your love go for the better.

1) Recognising True Love

Love is built on a basis of friendship and trust. You can't just simply start off as strangers who are interested in each other. Otherwise, it will leave you blindfolded in the middle of the forest, not knowing whether or not you will reach your final destination. It's gambling on your emotions.

Start loving someone because of their character primarily (looks second, don’t get your priorities wrong), then the rest will just unfold itself. It’s very rare to find someone who complements your character. For example, when you are shopping for a pair of shoes, you take a stroll around the whole shopping mall just so you get the best pair and there you have, “that someone” walking right beside you, giving his or her honest opinion on each choice without a complaint about the mini trip.

Trust kicks in when both parties are open to each other and speak their thoughts. You don’t have to feel restricted from sharing even your weirdest thoughts just because he or she might judge you. Honestly, “that someone” would treat you with respect for who you truly are. I am sure you don’t want to portray yourself as someone you’re not. Just be yourself. The right person will stay.

Quick tip: When a person is speaking truthfully, he or she will look into your eyes. If not, his or her eyes will wander away. Try it with someone!

Don’t be too quick to give your words about love but hang out more often first to know about each other.

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2) Building On Your Relationship

If you’re sure that you want to share your life, happiness and sadness with “that someone”, slowly start talking to each other about your lives. Be honest about your feelings and don’t play with your words. Speak what you feel from your heart, not from what your mind thinks is right. Speak about your feelings genuinely to

him or her.

At this juncture, there may be a green or red signal. Great, if you get going with your relationship. If you don’t, do not despair. The person who truly deserves your love will eventually come back to you.

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3) Happily Ever After...

Don’t change when you get into the relationship. Change only for the better. You loved your other half just for the way he or she is, so do not set expectations for your other half. Live life with no expectations. This will give you little surprises when your other half does something that you didn’t expect.

When disagreements come up, keep your emotions apart and talk out the problem. Treat each other equally, and with respect and maturity. Give and take. These qualities cannot be adopted overnight. Give yourself time and work on them.

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Always remember, true love never fails.

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