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A Guide For Your First Clubbing Experience

Credit: The Urban List

Ever wanted to club but have been too afraid to give it a try because of all the horror stories you have heard? Well, fear not because here is a mini guide to navigating your way around Singapore's clubbing scene:

1) Dress comfortably

Being comfortable in your outfit is the first step to take to enjoy your first clubbing experience. No point wearing that cute mini skirt if you are going to spend your entire night tugging at it so as not to flash anyone! However, this does not mean it is okay for you to turn up in shorts and a t-shirt or even slippers. Make the effort to dress up (not for anyone though) because when you look good, you feel good.

Wear sensible shoes because after all, you are going to be dancing a lot on the dance floor. You would not want to have blisters on your feet at the end of the night. Also, wearing proper shoes reduces your chances of falling if you do get drunk!

Credit: Polyvore

2) Club with people you trust

Do club with friends whom you trust your life with and stick close to them because it would be almost impossible to find them if you get separated. The dance floor is so packed that you would have difficulty navigating your way around. To make things worse, the lighting is not the best in clubs. Imagine mistaking a stranger for your friend and dancing with the wrong person!

Having trustworthy friends is paramount as they can help you when you are drunk or fend off anyone who tries to get fresh with you. Remember, safety comes first. It is alright to dance with strangers but if they do anything to make you feel uncomfortable, get a friend to assist you.

Credit: CouponDunia

3) Stay hydrated

Drinking alcohol can make you feel dehydrated and you definitely do not want to suffer a hangover the next day. Whenever you are feeling slightly tipsy, head to the bar and ask for a glass of water from the bartender. Water is free so you do not have to worry about paying!

Credit: Creative Nightclubs

4) Bring your identity card

This is extremely important and you had better not forget it! Queuing for hours to get into the club only to be denied entry ruins the mood. Do not expect to gain entry with your student card. The bouncer only accepts your driver’s license, identity card or passport as a form of identification.

5) Bring small change

Some clubs collect their cover charges at the entrance and they accept only cash. Definitely bring money in small denominations because you do not want to hold the line up. Having a hundred pairs of angry eyes staring at you from the back as you fumble with getting change for your fifty dollars note is not something you would want to experience.

Credit: ZoukClub

This concludes the mini guide for your first clubbing experience! Have fun but remember that your safety is priority.

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