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4 Effective Ways To Deal With Stress

Credit: Harvard Health Publications


I’m sure every one of you out there can relate to this dreaded sensation of feeling so overwhelmed – where everything seems to be crushing down upon you and strangling you alive. You know, that familiar strain of tension building up inside you, that throb of pain surging through your head, that wave of pressure as all sorts of crazy obligations start piling up…it really sucks.

Learning to cope with stress is thus, crucial for our overall well-being, especially since we have midterm examinations coming ahead. So here are some stress-relief methods you guys can try out!

1. Meditation

As cliché as this may sound, taking a few minutes out of a stressful day to do some simple meditating actually works miracles. Research has proven that this practice can, indeed, effectively calm you down. Also, it keeps your mind focussed and increases happiness level as well, so why not give it a shot?

For starters, YouTube hosts a great variety of guided meditation videos which can come into handy when you’re having one of those hectic days. The soothing voice of the narrator coupled with the zen music just makes for wonderful ambience which will make you feel instantly relaxed just a few minutes into the clip.

2. Music

Credit: Creative Fabrica

Otherwise, you can simply plug in your headphones, jam along to your favourite music and tune out the world! Music has this magical and therapeutic effect on the brain. That catchy song you have on repeat or that go-to playlist you absolutely adore can really be great stress-relievers.

It'd be better if you sing along to the songs! It doesn’t matter if you sound bad – just sing it and live in the moment! As long as it’s not in the middle of the night when everyone’s sleeping.

3. Vent it out

Credit: studypetals Tumblr

What better way is there to release all of that pent-up tension other than venting it all out? Whenever you feel stressed out, try talking to someone close to you, someone whom you trust. Confide in them and tell them why you feel the way you do. Is it due to academic pressure, or perhaps a troubled relationship? Have a heart-to-heart chat with your loved ones about it – it could be your parents or your best friends – and you will definitely feel better after speaking your heart out.

But if you’re more reserved, you can consider pouring your emotions out by writing them down instead. Whenever the pressure’s getting to you, try penning those troubled thoughts and feelings down. It could be a quick entry in your diary (if you prefer the good old traditional pen and paper) or a long rant on your personal blog. After all, writing has always been an artistic mean of creative self-expression which contributes to emotional self-healing.

4. Exercise

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Or perhaps you can try doing some exercise. Any form of physical activity will do - what’s more important is that you choose something you enjoy. And of course, the most convenient and cost-efficient form of exercise I will recommend is none other than, simply, walking.

You can spare some time for a brisk walk at the neighbourhood park. After all, walking is not only feasible for most people, but it is also something you can readily do together with your friends and family. You will feel significantly relaxed after that, for exercise is found to release ‘happy’ hormones like endorphins. Besides enhancing one’s emotional well-being, engaging in physical activities is also beneficial for your health, so it’s like killing two birds with one stone!

Of course, there are many other strategies out there which can immensely help one to deal with stress. Some alternatives include indulging in your favourite desserts (to think it is the word ‘stressed’ spelt opposite!) and unplugging from social media (because constantly trying to keep up with Tweets and IG posts can be really draining).

Each of us, undoubtedly, have our own unique outlets to de-stress, and there’re some methods that we prefer over others. Just do whatever works for you and you will beat that stress monster in no time.

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