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5 reasons Why You Should Start Writing Today

Apart from the times that you toil away in lab reports and academic essays, writing can be fun.

Engaging in other forms of writing such as journals, personal blogs, poems and even short stories can have therapeutic effects on our psychological health, analytical skills and eloquence.

With that, here are 5 surprising benefits of writing and why you should start penning down your thoughts!

1. It helps you deal with negativity

If your friends are too busy to listen to your rants, why not pen your feelings in a journal? As a matter of a fact, journaling is a useful and safe way to express your gloom or dissatisfaction without implicating others.

Writing is essential during hard times, especially if you feel lonely and have no one to confide in. Moreover, journaling gives you the space to express yourself freely without fear of anyone judging or mocking you for it.

Dealing with your pain by writing it down just lets you get it all out and move on. Perhaps you might even find a solution to your problem after penning down your thoughts.

2. Your story may help others

No doubt sharing your experience is a form of personal therapy on its own, but your writing might comfort someone else who is having a tough time too (provided you publish your writing online).

Everyone has a story, and sometimes, your story might inspire or motivate others who may be in a similar situation. Perhaps they would feel comforted knowing that there is someone else going through the same trials.

3. You can improve your vocabulary

As the saying goes - practice makes perfect. To improve your writing, practice using new words and phrases on a blog! This could be in the form of fictional short stories. Out of convenience in the digital age, it is getting tougher to maintain the quality of one's vocabulary. One tip to enhance your vocabulary is to practice using new words and phrases you come across from books or other writings. Hence, to preserve and improve the standard of your vocabulary, practice, practice, practice!

4. You can provide PR

Have you ever thought of starting your own e-Magazine like UNITE? In the digital age, bloggers and online personalities have become key sources of media coverage.

If you're a beauty junkie, try setting up a beauty blog and do makeup reviews and tutorials! Alternatively, if you're a tech-enthusiast, set up a News-cum-Reviews blog for the latest gadgets in tech and upcoming tech events. Online coverage retains constructive PR value which will give you opportunities to write but also experiment with new products or attend exclusive events.

Be sure to also create other social media platforms to further develop your website.

5. You can take a trip down memory lane

Indulging in a little nostalgia is an effective way to self-reflect. Learning from our past mistakes is a straightforward path to grow mentally and emotionally. If you've run out of books to read, why not read some of your own past works? Perhaps you could even turn your journals into a memoir.

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