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Why You Should Try Clubbing At Least Once

Before I visited my first club, I never understood the hype. What was so great about clubbing? All you do is get drunk and dance badly on the dance floor. In fact, my mum warned me about how some guys would drug your drink and once you consume it, everything that happens after becomes a blur.

However, after going to F Club (F in terms of fashion) for my first clubbing experience, I discovered that clubbing is actually really fun. I felt liberated when my friends and I danced crazily on the dance floor. Everyone was doing the same and to be honest, no one really cares about how badly you may dance. It is the spotlight effect (pun intended) that is making you feel self-conscious.

With that being said, here comes the big question. "Why should you try clubbing at least once?"

1. Great Way to Bond

Well, besides the fun factor, clubbing is a great way to bond with your friends or do something other than hanging out at the mall. You don’t always get to see your friends doing crazy things and it’s only when they are clubbing that their inner dance queens or kings appear! Even if their moves are bad, you could always poke fun at them afterwards and laugh it off together. After all, science says laughing bonds people! And who is to say science is wrong?

2. It's Not Necessarily Expensive

Although you may protest by saying, “clubbing is expensive!”, we believe that it does not always have to be that way. Whenever I club, my friends and I would buy a drink and split the bill. Yes, you may not get as “high” as you want but a club is definitely no place to get drunk.

(I have seen people doing embarrassing things when they are drunk and boy you do not want that.)

Alternatively, you could get some cheap alcohol from the supermarket (make sure it is before 10.30 p.m.) and drink it before you enter the club. I once had a girlfriend who would treat us all to drinks but such offers do not come by often, so it is always wise to save some cash by sharing the drink.

Credit: New York Post / Shutterstock

3. Clubbing is Not Necessarily Dangerous

Many people have the misconception that clubs are dangerous, but it is not always the case. Personally, I would only go clubbing if there are more than three trusted friends accompanying me. The friends you choose to club with are extremely important because they help to fend off any unwanted attention or take care of you when you are drunk. I read about a guy who laid in his own vomit outside Zouk while his friends were happily dancing inside. So, you have to club with the right crowd.

4. Clock in Some Cardio

Clubbing is also a great way to burn off some calories and get energised! All the jumping on the dance floor, especially when the beat drops, gets everyone pumped up. Now, you have no reason to complain that you are gaining weight and have no time to hit the gym.

5. Sweet (Or Not So Sweet) Memories

Finally, wouldn’t it be nice to look back on the memories you had at the club when you are older? Even if you disliked the experience, it would be awesome to relate the story to your future children about how their mum or dad had once been young and hip!

I hope my reasons are sufficient to persuade you to give clubbing a go. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea but how would you know if you have never tried? But remember, always stay safe and please, do not drink and drive (We are not obligated by law to state this but we feel responsible for your safety)!

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