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Youtubers You Should Start Watching

I am a huge YouTube fan. I am subscribed to over 90 channels and watch every single video posted daily!

Most of the YouTubers I am subscribed to are fashion and beauty related but there were a few that stood out to me because their content is so different from other run-of-the-mill YouTubers. Here is my list of 4 must-watch YouTubers:

1. Fashionbambini (Tara Chandra)

Credit: Fashionbambini

Tara is an Asian-Australian YouTuber who does fashion and DIY videos. Her fashion videos are extremely unique because her she has a bold and loud style. She is not afraid to wear outfits that most people would steer away from, and watching her has made me more confident of my fashion sense. So if you need a boost of confidence, be sure to check her channel out!

However, what prompted me to subscribe to her channel are her two non fashion related series titled ‘Identity’ and ‘Tara Talks’. ‘Identity’ is a series in which she would interview her friends and ask them for their opinions on various topics ranging from culture to the LGBT community. Many of her friends are from different parts of the world, so it is very refreshing to get various perspectives. Meanwhile, ‘Tara Talks’, covers a wide range of topics such as self-love and internalised racism, which is very relevant to our modern society today.

2. Butterworks

Credit: Butterworks

If you are a huge believer in supporting local, then you have to subscribe to Butterworks! Although they only started producing videos a year back, the quality and content of their short films have constantly blown me away. There is always a meaningful message behind their videos and I cannot remember the number of times I found myself sobbing like a baby whenever I watch their short films. Not all their videos are sad though, some are hilarious too.

I have also attended one of their mini movie screening and during that the director shared the difficulties he faced as a film-maker in Singapore. So be sure to subscribe and show your support because they are seriously one of the most under-rated YouTube channels in Singapore!

3. Nika Erčulj

Credit: Nika Erčulj

I first subscribed to Nika because she bore an uncanny resemblance to supermodel Cara Delevingne, but I soon fell in love with the style of her videos. She is extremely open and has spoken a lot on her experiences recovering from her depression and her stay in a mental hospital. Nika also came out as a bisexual recently, an act which I thought was very courageous because there are many people who are still struggling to come to terms with their sexuality.

So if you would like to learn more about mental illness in general, be sure to watch her videos because she has shared a lot on the topic!

4. Ministry of Funny

Credit: Ministry of Funny

MOF is another severely under-rated Singapore channel that I discovered in my recommended videos. They conduct social experiments on Singaporeans, play pranks and make skits that poke fun at the latest happenings around the world, like when Donald Trump ran for presidency. Their videos’ content are very candid and hilarious. Many times when I was watching their videos on the train, I found myself struggling to hold back my laughter, lest people judge me for laughing out loud.

One of their videos that I like a lot is about racism in Singapore. Although racism is not particularly overt in here, the issue is very real. It was very shocking to read the racist comments that they had gathered from Facebook comments posted by Singaporeans.

MOF is a must watch channel because of the way they raise awareness on controversial topics through the use of comedy.

This concludes my list on must-watch YouTubers! Do check their channels out and I guarantee you will love them as much as I do.

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