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5 Books You Should Read Before You Die

Raise your hands if the only books you have read last semester were your textbooks! I used to be a huge bibliophile before entering university, devouring books voraciously. Unfortunately, with the immense amount of school work, I have been unable to find time to unwind and read a book!

However, if you still manage to find some time to do a little reading or you are simply thinking of picking up the habit of reading again, here are my top five picks that you definitely have to read before you die.

1) ‘The Time Keeper’ by Mitch Albom

Mitch Albom is truly a brilliant storyteller! ‘The Time Keeper’ was written as a reminder to his readers to appreciate the limited time that each of them has every day. The story centers around Dor, who was punished by Father Time for attempting to measure time. To atone for his sins, he had to educate two different people on the value of making the most out of their time on Earth. This book is a tear-jerker, so be prepared and remember to have tissues on hand to dab away those tears!

2) ‘The Teardrop Story Woman’ by Catherine Lim

Many Singaporean authors tend to be overlooked by locals who prefer to read more popular Western writers. So why not support our local talents and pick up this book by Catherine Lim? She weaves a beautiful story set in the turbulent 1950s Malaya about Mei Kwei, an attractive married woman who falls in love with a priest. The story was an eye-opener to me as I learned how women in the past were treated lowly and had no say in who they could marry. So, be sure not to miss this book, especially if you are a history buff!

3) ‘True Singapore Ghost Stories’ Series by Russell Lee

Ah! Ghost stories! Who does not love a good horror story that will keep you awake all night? ‘True Singapore Ghost Stories’, or TSGS for short, are a series of true supernatural encounters submitted by both local and overseas readers. The series also includes research conducted by Russell Lee on the paranormal. Being an avid supporter of TSGS, I have read every single book released. The stories are so good that I cannot seem to put them down!

If you are a guy who is looking to get close with your crush, why not read a few stories and tell them to her? She might just get frightened enough and you can slip in and comfort her!

4) ‘The White Tiger’ by Aravind Adiga

‘The White Tiger’ was the debut novel of Aravind Adiga and it won the prestigious Man Booker Prize the same year it was released. The story is set in India and it takes a dark humour approach towards the caste system, poverty and corruption. The protagonist was a poor village boy who managed to become successful and establish his own taxi company. However, his road from rags to riches was fraught with many difficulties, including being coerced to be the scapegoat for a fatal road accident. It is a must-read as it provides readers with a wider perspective of the world!

5) ‘The Case of the Man Who Died Laughing’ by Taquin Hall

If you are an aspiring detective, why not pick up some investigative skills from Vish Puri, known as Delhi’s “Most Private Investigator”? Taquin Hall spins a tale of how Vish Puri was recruited to solve the murder of a man who was stabbed during an open-air laughing therapy session. The novel is written with a witty humour to keep readers at the edge of their seats!

Do not worry if you have fallen in love with the hilarity of the character and cannot get enough of him! Taquin Hall has written a series of books centering around my favourite investigator, so be sure to look out for them too!

There! My list of top five must-reads! Feel free to pick up these books the next time you are bored and immerse yourself into another world, far away from all the daily life stressors. Without a doubt, hours will fly by once you start reading.

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