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There’s Never a Better Time to Be Okay

Having recently read two articles on The Straits Times – “Thoughts of a student on the need to excel” and “When grades define worth”, I feel like there isn’t a better time than now to write this article.

Recently, youth suicides have consistently been on the rise. There is nothing more tragic than losing young lives over grades, school and stress in this society that advocates perfection and results. As a nation that supposedly values its precious youths amidst a rapidly ageing population, we have yet to progress much in upholding this.

Halfway through the semester, many of us may barely have enough energy left.

Exam stress, mediocre grades and perhaps a failure to live up to expectations are just some of the things that never go away during our time as students. It’s Week 12 now* - some of us may still be in shock at how fast the semester went; some are frantically meeting deadlines; whilst others are feeling overwhelmed by the insurmountable amount of work that’s just waiting to be done.

I’m not ashamed to say that I’m all three of the above (probably more). I’m writing this piece now because there have been way too many times where I felt so inadequate to deal with everything; and an encouragement is much needed. I know it can get really overwhelming and suffocating at times, because there were many times where I thought I’d never make it.

Sometimes, all we need is for someone to assure us that things will fall into place.

For the freshies out there trying to stay afloat in this transitional phase - getting used to all the freedom, autonomy, and commitment is perhaps something you’d never get used to. But fortunately, it gets easier with time, I assure you.

For those feeling like a module is pointless because of a bad grade - maybe that isn’t the module for you or maybe you just haven’t had the chance to dedicate much time to the module. But you shouldn’t give up now.

For those feeling suffocated and overwhelmed, take a breather and pace yourself. Finding that little thing that keeps you relaxed, and looking forward to the end of a long day of revision always helps. If you need to sleep, then sleep.

Fret not, for the sun will rise again and the situation can only get better.

For everyone else, this too shall pass; as cliché as it sounds. You will be all right.

This is exactly the time where I’m sure most of us are trying to stay afloat. With one last week of school and finals coming up, there’s never a better time to be okay than right now.

*This article was written at an earlier date. Nevertheless, it is a reminder that when things get tough, it will be okay :)

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