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Netflix Dramas You Need To Watch

When Netflix first landed on our shores, I was one of the first to sign up and soon, was sucked into the world of mindlessly watching series after series. I had long heard of Netflix but it had never been accessible to me because I do not live in the States so the infamous sexual innuendo, “Netflix and Chill”, had never applied to me until then! After wasting my time watching many (boring) dramas, I have narrowed down my top 3 must watch on Netflix.

1. That ‘70s Show

This series featuring stars like Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher ran for eight years, from 1998 to 2006. It was the very first drama I caught on Netflix and from then on, started my never-ending love affair with the show. The comedy is set in the flower power 1970s era and centers around 6 teenagers who yearn for independence. It follows the mischief they get up to and the hilarity that ensues. I think that the show is very relatable to young adults like me as it also features the growing pains of a teenager – heartbreaks, facing the wrath of parents etc. There are a lot of sex and drugs references so if you dislike that, then this show is not for you! However, if you are into fashion like I am, then this sitcom is a must watch because of all the characters’ 70s inspired outfits.

2. Full House

I mourned when the last episode of ‘That ‘70s Show’ ended. I was petrified that I would never find a series as good as that until I came across ‘Full House’. The family sitcom follows a widowed father who enlisted the help of his brother-in-law and best friend to help him raise his three young daughters. Soon, the space they lived in became smaller because of all the additional characters that moved in.

I fell in love all over again when one of the characters, Jesse Katsopolis, stole my heart. His full luscious jet black hair (although outdated hairstyle) made me swoon all over him. And the baby of the family, Michelle Tanner, was so adorable that at many times, I (secretly) longed to have a child as precocious as her in the future.

I love this show so much because it presented so many family values, hidden in the ways the adults taught the children when they were caught for being mischievous. As the series ran for eight years, I could literally see the kids growing up and it made me felt like a part of their family. I laughed and cried harder than I ever had for any other dramas I have watched.

Although there is a sequel to ‘Full House’, titled ‘Fuller House’, I would not recommend watching it because it lacks the family warmth and hilarity the former had.

3. Orange Is the New Black (OITNB)

When I was first recommended this series, I was highly skeptical that I would like it. After all, the plot differs a lot from the two dramas that I have mentioned so far. However, I soon found myself watching one episode after the other as I was so enthralled by the characters. Many of us have a prejudice towards prisoners but this show serves to change that through the portrayal of their backstories.

Although I have yet to finish catching up on all four seasons, I would highly suggest that you watch it because the show is full of twists and turns which makes it extremely exciting!

This concludes my top 3 Netflix recommendations! I hope that you will give these shows a try and love them as much as I did! ☺

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