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10 Unique Gifts For Bae

You don’t need a special occasion, such as Valentine’s Day, to give your significant other a little gift of love and appreciation. Although I am a sucker for chocolates and flowers (opps?), it is always good to up your gifting game! Surprise your bae with these 10 unique gifts (if you haven’t already given them) down below.

1. A Water Bottle

Loving someone is not just about the “I Love You”s and the hugs and kisses; it is also about keeping a look out for them, such as their health and wellness. Keep him or her healthy and hydrated with some love infused water stored in a bottle.

2. Cute Socks

If your bae is a big sneaker person or someone that loves to clock in some cardio by running, get them some cute and quirky socks to match their snazzy kicks.

3. Card Games

Although entertainment can be obtained through the shiny screens of our smartphones, a little traditional card game can still bring fun and laughter. Be it the new games that were recently released into the market, such as “Limpeh Says” and “Exploding Kittens”, or old-school playing cards such as “Snap” and “Old Maid”, these (sort of) handy little games could even save you or him or her from any awkward party situations.

4. The Unmentionables

If you are in a deep and close relationship with your boo and both of you are mutually open about gifting underwear, why not? (And yes, it doesn’t have to be from Victoria Secret or Calvin Klein.)

5. An Outfit

Along the topic of getting clothing items for your significant other, why not get him or her an entire outfit? It would certainly be a sweet gesture especially if you surprise them the night before your monthsary or anniversary date. If you are afraid that you might get something that they might not like, make sure to plan this ahead of time and give yourself some time to observe their style. If you’re lucky, you might even get some hints from them! cough cough wishlist cough cough

6. DIY Something

Up your game by making something from scratch! Besides the typical “Open when…” letters that you can easily do with a bunch of cards and envelopes, you can consider making them a care package (e.g. school care package, NS care package, birthday care package) or a jar filled with 365 pieces of small notes. Let your imagination go wild and if you ever need some inspiration, Pinterest is your answer.

7. A Card Holder

What would be a better gift than a cardholder for him or her to store their ez-link card? Help your bae move out from tapping his or her bulky wallet at the gantries to something more lightweight. In fact, you can even consider getting it personalized with monogram.

8. Gift Cards

Although some might think this is an insincere gift, gift cards can be the perfect present in certain situations. Think about it! Have you ever wanted to get him the new game that he has been eyeing but you are not sure which is it, a gift card would come in handy. This certainly would apply to getting something for the ladies too!

9. DIY Home Space Package

Get a box and fill it up with stuff such as sheet masks, a bottle of exfoliator, blackhead peel off mask, animal face masks, a bottle of body scrub, etc. Of course, don’t forget to doll it up with some stuffing. In fact, you could even have a stay home date night by catching up on your favourite tv shows and laughing at each other from how ridiculous you guys look like with the animal face masks on!

10. Something For A Hobby

Get something that your significant other would probably use, especially something that relates to whatever hobby they might have. If he plays the guitar, a unique manuscript book for him to jot down chords or even compose would be a sweet idea. In fact, you can even take this chance to give her a push if she have been talking about venturing into a new hobby, such as picking up the art of water colouring by getting her a nifty sketch book as a starter.

Do you have other unique gift suggestions in mind? Share it with us in the comments section down below!

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