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Why You Should Use Dayre

Ever had the tendency to write and reflect about your day but penning a lengthy blog post turns out to be too tiring and tedious? Then try out Dayre - a fun and pretty cool app for you to journal down your day and make it one worth remembering!

With Dayre, you can put together all the interesting snippets of your day and piece them into an awesome story! Think of it as a unique diary, coupled with not just text but also photos, videos and even stickers! Basically, anything and everything you want to include! :)

Best of all? The app is free!

So, what does it take to create the perfect story? Here we have a quick summary of the diverse features Dayre has.

Begin your daily story by selecting any of these icons.

Type anything here! It can be an emotional reflection, a rant or a quotation!

You can even select cute, unique stickers featuring different quirky characters to complement your post!

Attach your own images and then liven them up with Dayre's 12 built-in custom filters to give a fun visual description of your day!

Similar to IG, you can add a creative caption to your photo! Captured the photo at somewhere memorable? Share it with your followers through location tagging!

Made a mistake? You can always go back and make edits on the media you have posted.

With all these diverse features, your daily journal sure will be a vibrant one!

This is how an entire post of your day will typically look like:

So, what are you waiting for? :)

Go ahead and express your day in the coolest manner with this innovative, one-of-a-kind blogging platform!

Links to download app:

Alternatively, you can blog on Dayre from the web as well via this link:

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