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Food Delivery Apps

I am an extremely lazy person and I often use food delivery apps because there are days when I do not feel like dressing up to just go out to buy my meals. Although there is a coffeeshop below my block, the food sold there is unhealthy and very limited. Fortunately, entrepreneurs have identified this gap in the market and developed apps to cater to people like me (lazy people of the world unite!). Here are the three apps that I use most frequently to get food delivered right to my doorstep:

1. Deliveroo

Deliveroo is my most used food delivery app because I love how fast the delivery service is! My food would usually arrive within 30 minutes of my order and occasionally if they are late, I would get a free voucher for my next order! Although delivery charges are only $3, they have a minimum order of $25 and this is costly in the long-run. If you do not hit the minimum order amount, you need to pay an extra $5 for delivery and most of the time, I end up over ordering because I simply refuse to pay extra money. Despite that, I still enjoy using Deliveroo as they deliver food from many of my favourite restaurants. However, I would only recommend using this app when you are sharing the cost with friends. Although they do have discount codes for your first order, you would need to create multiple accounts to continue making use of the discounts which is extremely time-consuming.

2. UberEats

UberEats was launched recently this year by Uber. Although they do not deliver from as many restaurants as Deliveroo, they have no minimum charges or delivery fee at the moment. That means you can order a $1 item and they would still deliver it to you (although that would be very cheapskate of you)! Delivery is relatively fast although it is slightly slower than Deliveroo. However, the plus point is that their delivery timings are earlier than Deliveroo so you can even order food for your breakfast!

3. LaborMe

LaborMe is technically not a food delivery app but I included it here because they do deliver food from all parts of Singapore unlike Deliveroo and UberEats. LaborMe is basically an app where you pay people to queue and buy something for you. I used the app when Bake Cheese Tarts first launched in Singapore and paid someone $15 to purchase the tarts on my behalf because there was no way I would stand in line for 2 hours. If you have a midnight craving for some food from a particular stall, let’s say from Changi, you simply post it on the app and set the amount you are willing to pay for delivery. Unfortunately, the downside is that you need to wait for someone to “bid” for your delivery and it can take quite some time unless you pay more.

The app is also useful if you would like to make some extra cash and have spare time on your hands. I once saw someone offering $300 for people to queue overnight for a pair of Adidas NMDs!

Do download these apps and give them a try! They definitely come in handy for days when you are too tired to whip up a meal or are bored of the food choices near you. However, be prepared to pay more for your meals, although I would say that it is worth it considering the fact that someone is delivering your food to you! :)

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