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987FM Party

987FM just announced a new line up of DJs to keep you company! On 19 January, we were invited to the launch of this feisty, energetic line up of DJs.

As the sun set on Mediacorp’s new campus at One-north, the sounds of heavy drums could be heard from the town plaza where the event was held. A double-filed group of drummers welcomed the DJs with deafening beats up the escalator with fan favorites like Sonia Chew, Joakim Gomez, Kimberley Wang, Gerald Koh. The new DJs, Natasha and Nick, following closely behind, not missing a beat.

The crowd gathered towards the stage where we could participate in games and win angpaos to join in the Chinese New Year festivities. Our favorite was when Sonia and Joakim played the mouth guard game where we were required to guess the statement they were making with a mouth guard on. Guests went home with restaurant vouchers and even cash!

We were introduced to the new line up of DJs and everyone teased Sonia and Joakim reunion, hosting a show together after they were “divorced” two years ago. Yes! The 987 crew were also proud to celebrate female power with a girl duo, Rise and Grind with Kimberley and Charmian! This is the first time in radio history that there has been girl duo during the morning rush slot.

It was a lively atmosphere with some DJs like Kimberly walking around and interacting with the crowd. Guests were well taken care of with a bar serving Mojitos and a table with a glorious spread of food. Even though there was little food left when we had reached, we were particularly excited when we saw waiters and waitresses going around with canapés, (hey we can all relate to the joy of having food right?) serving caprese and sushi to name a few.

We were even treated to a performance by our local talent, Singapore Idol winner Sezairi Sezali as he serenaded us with his soulful music. He even teased the audience with an unreleased song.

Overall, a great event to launch a fresh line-up from 987FM!

Catch your favorite DJs according to this new line-up:


6am - 10am: Rise & Grind with Kim & Charmian

10am - 1pm: Triple Play with Nic

1pm - 4pm: The Hideaway with Natasha

4pm - 8pm: The Shock Circuit with Sonia & Joakim

8pm- 12mn: Hotdogs with Gerald & Adam

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