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Singapore Projects To Support On KickStarter

For those who are ardent fans of creative works, you guys will be happy to know that Kickstarters, the world’s largest crowdfunding platform, has officially landed in Singapore last August.

With Kickstarter’s foray into Singapore, Singapore creators now have it easier coming up with their dream inventions and crowd-sourcing funds to support their creative projects. This introduction has also resulted in an increase in home-grown projects on the site.

Want to see some cool inventions and support local creators? Read on for some of our recommendations!

1. LIMPEH SAYS: A Card Game for the We Citizens of Singapore

Ever played Cards Against Humanity before? This is basically the Singaporean version of that popular card game, and ridiculously hilarious at that.

Limpeh Says is a card game for Singaporeans, containing 550 unique, localized cards revolving around Singaporean culture, from our food to NS and Singlish.

Game Rules: The game is as simple as it gets. Each round, one player draws a Red Card. Everyone else answers with their best white card. The funniest combination wins.

Watch this video by The Smart Local to get an idea of how to play this game:

To back this project, click here.

2. The Arc Board: The World’s Most Portable Electric Vehicle

For those who have watched Casey Neistat on Youtube, you’ll know what this is. It’s pretty much the same as the Boosted Board. Basically, this is a skate-board, but operated electronically with a wireless handheld remote control, and is touted to be the “World’s Most Portable Electric Skateboard”.

The designers came up with this product with the idea of it being an ideal complement to public transport in major cities and urban areas, and to change the way people move.

See the Arc Board in use here!

For more information/ to support this project, click here.

3. XUBE: Streamline your shower experience on the go!

If you’re a frequent traveller/ athlete, this is for you. XUBE makes your showering experience so much easier. It is a portable soap dispenser which can be mounted on any smooth wall and easily removed after your bath. You can fill XUBE with any products you want - face wash, shampoo, anything!

Its design is sleek and portable; unroll it and simply stick it on any smooth wall and you’re good to go. Now you don’t have to buy many different travel sized bottles or endlessly squat to dispense soap from soap bottles placed on icky toilet floors!

To back this project, click here.

4. KIN - World’s first wallet which sorts your cash and coins

If you’ve not already seen this featured on Facebook or various internet or news sites recently, then this is a low-down for you on this amay-zing creation.

You know how when you’re in line and you receive your change - some notes and a shit-load of coins, then you get into a frenzy trying to stuff all of your change in your wallet while trying not to drop all the coins onto the floor as you feel the stares coming from behind you? With KIN, your worries are solved. Simply throw your change into one compartment and the wallet will help you sort your coins out into a separate pocket.

YES, AMAZING ISN’T IT? Pre-order KIN here.

5. Quotidian Pen - The World’s First Magnetic Propulsion Pen

Pen clickers will love this invention. Quotidian is a minimalist ballpoint pen with a specially designed magnetic mechanism which will change the way you use and fidget with a pen. Simply break the cap, bring the cap to the back of the body and watch the pen nib magically propel out!

Fret not if you’ve finished using the ink for the first round, this pen allows for hassle-free refills. Simply pull out and slot in any other D1 refills and you’re good to go!

Get yours now.

6. Author - The Multifunctional Pen

Here’s another pen invention that could possibly change our lives for the better. AUTHOR is a multi-functional pen which can be disassembled into various parts for different functions.

Use it as a multi-purpose stylus for your touch screen devices, a stable phone holder, a duo-sided screw-driver, a measurement ruler, a bottle opener and, as a pen, of course. Similar to the Quotidian Pen, this pen is refillable with any D1 refills, allowing you to use it for as long as you want to.

Now this is what we call a pen to meet all your needs!

To back this project, click here.

There we have it, 6 Singapore projects to support on Kickstarter! There are many other kick-ass inventions on Kickstarter (see what I did there?) you can check out; head over here to support local designers and their projects!

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