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Cheap and Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Room

1. 2017 Free Printable Calendar

What better way to start this brand new year than to replace your old desk/wall calendar from 2016? However, we all probably have our fair share of experience buying overpriced, stock images-filled calendars from Popular and other local bookstores. Many printable calendars are available all over the Internet for us thrifty nifty students. If you are able to search on the right websites, it is highly possible to come across a calendar design that is both aesthetically pleasing and free! Instead of directly using the Google search engine, try searching on creative-sharing platforms such as Pinterest and Behance, where designers and illustrators make their calendar works available for easy and free download. Here are some helpful links:

If you are into minimalism, Muji, or have that Zen personality, you can try 2017 Botanical Calendar Free Download by Kate Spence

If you are a visual art-lover, you can try Printable Calendar 2017 by Sara Woodrow♡♡♡-printable-calendar-2017-♡♡♡/

If you are a whimsical elf at heart, you can try 2017 Calendar by This Little Street

After downloading the PDF files, simply print them in high-quality (do not compress the file or pages when printing) at home, or save them in a thumbdrive and head down to the nearest printing shop to print in colour for a few cents. After printing, clip them onto a clipboard and prop it up on your desk or wall.

2. DIY Minimal Floating Shelves

The floating shelf is a favourite among DIY Youtubers because it is simple and fuss-free to make. Firstly, scout for a suitable piece of sturdy rectangle plank wood of any length (I recommend Midwest Craft Plywood 6mm x 6inch x 12inch at $4.92, from Art Friend). Secondly, cut two parachute cords or any other strong cords (available at Spotlight) of the same length. The length of the two cords depends on how you want the shelves to hang. Let the cords go around the plank on both ends from under once. Bring the four ends of the cords together after you have adjusted the plank to your liking, and tie a non-slip loop knot. Finally, hang it up on a wall hook and it will be a new home for your knick-knacks.

3. Hanging Wall Art

Macrame Hanging Wall Art has been creeping into social media pages, possibly because the texture of the intertwined knots adds a humble touch to the room interior. However, Macrame is no easy art to master and many Pinterest users and YouTubers have been coming up with their own takes on simple DIY Wall Art such as Yarn Wall Art, Tassle Wall Art, Driftwood Wall Art, and many more alternatives that are cheap and easy to make. Simply check out those tutorials to create a wall art styled according to your taste!

4. Personalized Vision Board

Many successful figures such as Oprah Winfrey and Jim Carrey have attributed part of their success to the habit of making personalized vision boards. A vision board is your own little corner that helps you continuously envision and achieve your goals, scientifically backed by the law of attraction. While there is definitely no one way to create a vision board, using a corkboard is highly advisable (I recommend Pinboard Corkboard 30x40cm at $6.42 from Art Friend, or VÄGGIS Noticeboard at $9.90 from IKEA). Your goals may frequently change and a corkboard allows you to easily revise or declutter your goals. Pin up pictures of the next dream vacation spot that you should start saving for, quotes by people who inspire you, or about anything that reminds you of the important things that you are striving for. You can even have your big and bolded ideal CAP score on your vision board. I won’t judge.

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