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Street Trends: What’s In

Everything pre-2006 is coming back, but hey, no one’s complaining. From 70s pinafore to flared cut jeans, we’ll take a look at current street trends that’s old school cool.

Raw Hem

Look effortlessly polished or casual with raw hems. Go for fitted cuffs with trainers, or even straight cuts with with low heels to look like you’ve got your act together. Though you might want to watch out for frays that grow way too erratic; we want to look like we shopped at Kanye’s, not the dumpsters.


It’s thigh slimming, it’s got funk, no wonder it’s walking right back. Lengthen your silhouette with hems that reach or pass your feet for some low-key glam, or cropped if chanelling the 70s hip’s your thing.

The Bomber

Feel like the trend’s been somewhat exhausted? Why not try embellished statin to leather, play with cropped or longline. We love how it can be pulled together with anything between sporty and dressy.


Heralded as the new staple this fall, throw it on with a loose tee or ruffly shirt (pretty much anything, really) and you’re good to go.

Knitted & Ribbed

It’s comfy, it’s breathable, it’s easily classy (plus you never have to iron them). It’s hard to say no to this trend.

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