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TRAVEL: What To Explore In Bangkok

Now that finals are over, what better way than to travel abroad to celebrate the start of a stress free month? This December, I scooted off to the Land of Smiles, which is just a 2.5 hour flight away, for a short trip few days after the end of my papers. Here are some destinations I visited and what you can possibly add to your to-visit list on your next trip to BKK! :-)

1. Shop Away At The Platinum Fashion Mall

Bangkok is literally a shopping heaven for shopaholics like myself who can never get enough of clothes. The city is full of malls to explore but if I had to choose my number one favorite, it would have to be “The Platinum Fashion Mall” because you can find EVERYTHING you need there. The mall houses a total of 3 shopping zones and stands at 7 stories tall. Although 80% of the mall caters to female fashion, there are also shops selling men fashion clothes, children wear, accessories, gifts and souvenirs, which makes it a mall friendly to all groups. Not to mention, the food center on the sixth level sells really good food and mango sticky rice. If you are shopping there, I would recommend you to head up to have a hearty lunch before continuing your shopping marathon for the day!

2. Shop At Night Markets (outside Platinum Fashion Mall/ Palladium World Shopping Mall)

Night markets are a common sight in BKK and from what I know, some vendors whom operate in malls in the day set up their business in these night markets at night after the mall closes. Based on what I have experienced, the malls close around 7:30pm so don’t forget to head outside to continue your shopping thereafter! Some night markets I have been to are namely the Platinum Absolute Denim (outside Platinum Fashion Mall) and the Palladium Night Market (outside Palladium World Shopping Mall). Do check them out!

3. Maeklong Railway Market

There are no doubt many different markets in Bangkok but Maeklong Railway Market is touted as a different kind of experience simply because of its uniqueness of operating near the railway tracks. Stalls are set up right beside the tracks and one navigates around by walking on the tracks itself. At certain timings of the day, the awnings are closed up and everything is cleared off the tracks to make way for the slow moving train. An interesting experience to consider!

4. Safari World/ Safari Park

The name of this place explains it all. Animal lovers and families with children will love it here! You get to catch animal shows such as orangutan boxing, watch seals and dolphins perform all at Safari World. If you would like to get closer to wild animals, Safari Park (just nearby) also offers you the opportunity to sight see and drive through animals whom are given the liberty to wander freely around the 81 hectares park. Animals have the right of way here so take as much time as you please to admire the large display of wild animals.

5. Damnoen Saduak Floating Market

The iconic floating market in Thailand is a stop not to be missed. Many locals navigate around the area by paddling their boats while some choose to be stationed at the sides. Personally, this was truly a whole new experience as I got to witness first hand the locals in action, doing business in a manner that we are not accustomed to in Singapore. Besides getting an exclusive sneak peek into their lives, you also get the chance to shop for a variety of products and enjoy fresh produce prepared right before your eyes. A must visit for first timers!

That’s all I have folks! I hope this post gave you a glimpse of what you can possibly explore on your trip to Bangkok. Have a great semester break however you are spending it and stay safe! :-)

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