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Must Watch Documentaries That Will Change Your Life

We all enjoy a good documentary from time to time, and it is amazing how such profound works of production can inspire you, even granting you a completely new perspective of the world. They probe you to think about issues that have previously not crossed your mind, gifting you with new and rewarding outlooks. Here we have some documentaries that truly open up doors and enrich the mind.

1. Life in a Day

What do you love? What do you fear? What’s in your pocket? Three simple questions. Indefinite number of answers. Life in a Day is a unique documentary delivering candid snapshots of how 80,000 people in 192 countries spend their day on July 24, 2010. From the mundane to the elaborate, one gains an insight into the myriad colours of humanity in both its dull and resplendent moments, with physical barriers breached. This globally collaborative production truly explores the essential message of how we, as humans, may be so different yet so similar at the same time.

2. Chasing Ice

Global warming-a pertinent topic of today’s world. Indeed, we are more than often exposed to the impacts of this terrible phenomenon through theories and theories of textbooks and readings, but how much do we actually know about it? Through the deployment of revolutionary time-lapse cameras by photographer James Balog, the documentary presents multi-year videos capturing the gradual disappearance of the Arctic glaciers. Witnessing these hauntingly beautiful works of nature crumple into nothingness is a sheer horrible spectacle that will certainly take one’s breath away. One needs to see the problem as it truly manifests to realise the urgency of it all, to realise the immediacy to take action and save our Earth before it’s too late.

3. Food, Inc.

Ever wonder where your food comes from? This fascinating yet disturbing documentary offers an exclusive insight into the frightful hidden truth behind the American food industry. Bringing into light the exploitative actions of revenue-hungry, mammoth corporations driving the sector, filmmaker Robert Kenner explores how unethical agribusinesses run in ecologically destructive manners, from the inhumane suffering they put their animals through to the denial of their employees’ basic human needs. A shocking demonstration of how profits are built at the same rate lives are been destructed.

4. Blind Sight

They may be restricted in sight, but they sure have broad limitless visions. Blind Sight brings viewers onto a remarkable journey with six blind Tibetan teenagers as they attempt the seemingly impossible mission of scaling Mouth Everest. Culturally prejudiced and labelled as sinners to be scorned, they strive to transcend such barriers, bearing in their hearts nothing but an astute sense of determination. By delving into the potential wield by the human spirit and the power of resilience, the viewer standing witness to their accomplishment of the feat will no doubt be greatly inspired.

As they say, “documentaries take us inside worlds we never knew existed”. We sure hope that these documentaries will end up enlightening you in one way or another. Have fun watching!

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